this is my tumblr. nice to meet you.

just a tad of information about me; listed below…..

music? indie and alternative. a bit of classic rock and pop as well.  scratch that- i have fallen in love with house and dubstep!!!

favorite films? can’t say i have a particular choice. i did really like super 8. one of my tops.

publications? teen vogue, nylon, company/company high-street, seventeen. none of that tabloid sort of thing.

bands? too many to name. friendly fires, two door cinema club, foster the people, florence + the machine, rihanna, calvin harris.

the main intent of mint jelly is to showcase my photography.all of the pictures are mine unless otherwise stated.

i don’t really do the reblog thing.


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bloglove: tbd.

i am from the u.k. 

^ i wish. stars and stripes forever.